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    We are very happy we had this opportunity to create a mobile app for our online supermarket. We managed to get it with our customers much faster than we expected and now we are happy with the achieved results and the ability to easily reach them when we do promotions and campaigns through push notifications. By offering a convenient and user-friendly way for customers to shop through our Parkmart app, we reach more customers and increase sales. The app provided us the opportunity to analyze a customer's purchase history and behavior and use it to make personalized recommendations and promotions.

    Our women's clothing store -Kensol has a loyal customer base. However, since launching our mobile app, we have experienced a newfound level of communication and engagement with our customers. Through push notifications, we are able to easily inform our customers of the latest collections and seasonal promotions, ensuring that they are always in the know. Furthermore, the ability to view statistics has allowed us to segment our customers and personalize our notifications, making our customers feel special and valued. We are also thrilled to have the capability to update our app's banners, categories, and images quickly and easily, ensuring that our app always reflects our latest offerings and remains dynamic. Overall, we are delighted with the migration to the app, as it has allowed us to enhance our customer relationships and streamline our communication channels. The process went much smoother than expected, and we are grateful for the new opportunities the mobile app has opened up for our business.

    Tochici is a well-known store for children's goods in Bulgaria and has always enjoyed a loyal customer base. However, since launching our mobile app, we have been able to take our customer relationships to the next level. The app has allowed us to stay in constant communication with our customers and gain valuable insights into their interests and preferences. Using this data, we are able to segment our customers into groups based on their interests and send them personalized messages that make them feel valued and appreciated. We are also thrilled to have the ability to update the design of our app quickly and easily, keeping it dynamic and always offering something new. Customers immediately notice the changes when we introduce new products or promotions, thanks to eye-catching banners that we create ourselves. In addition, we appreciate the availability of BeyondCart to assist us whenever we need help or guidance. Whether it's providing consultations, making design changes to the app, or assisting with other matters, we can always count on their support. Overall, the mobile app has allowed us to strengthen our relationships with the customers, offer a dynamic and engaging shopping experience, and receive valuable support whenever we need it. We are grateful for the new opportunities the app has opened up for our business and look forward to further growth and success.

    Elenart Nail, our online store for manicure and nail care products, used to struggle with promoting our campaigns and promotions effectively. Our Facebook advertising was not as effective as we had hoped, and customers often had to visit our website to learn about our latest promotions and offers. However, since implementing push notifications through our mobile app, we have seen a significant improvement. We are now able to easily reach our customers with news about our latest promotions, and best of all, it's completely free! This has allowed us to increase our sales and customer engagement without spending additional money on online advertising.