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Haute Perfumerie: Leveraging Mobile App and Influencer Marketing for Growth


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Haute Perfumerie is an online shop specializing in niche cosmetics, particularly luxury perfumes. Recognizing the burgeoning trend of mobile commerce, Haute Perfumerie decided to launch a mobile app based on the BeyondCart platform. With a focus on providing exclusive products and exceptional discounts, Haute Perfumes aimed to cultivate a loyal customer base while driving sales through strategic marketing initiatives.

The Challenge

Haute Perfumerie faced the challenge of selling luxury niche cosmetics, including high-end perfumes, at premium price points. To address this, they emphasized the exclusivity, quality, and craftsmanship of their products, targeting discerning customers seeking prestige and sophistication.

To ensure effective promotions without compromising brand integrity or profit margins, Haute Perfumerie curated a balance of short-term urgency-driven discounts and long-term loyalty-building coupons. By monitoring analytics and customer feedback, they optimized their strategies for maximum return on investment.

Employing a multifaceted approach, Haute Perfumerie leveraged their mobile app, influencer marketing, and social media promotion to attract and retain customers. By offering exclusive perks, engaging influencers, and fostering community relationships, they established themselves as a trusted authority in the niche cosmetics market, successfully acquiring and retaining a loyal customer base.


Leveraging the BeyondCart platform, Haute Perfumerie created a user-friendly mobile app. The app provided seamless browsing, and exclusive discounts accessible only through the app.

Haute Perfumerie implemented a dual strategy of short-term and long-term coupons to incentivize purchases. Short-term promotions created urgency, while long-term coupons fostered loyalty and repeat purchases.

Targeted Notifications

Through the mobile app, Haute Perfumerie sent timely notifications to customers, alerting them about ongoing promotions, upcoming sales, and exclusive offers. This created a sense of exclusivity and urgency, prompting customers to make purchases.

Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influencers in the beauty and fashion industry, Haute Perfumes promoted its mobile app and exclusive discounts. Influencers showcased the products, shared their experiences, and encouraged their followers to download the app and take advantage of the offers.

Social Media Promotion

Haute Perfumes engaged with various social media groups and platforms to spread awareness about the mobile app and its exclusive promotions. By tapping into relevant communities, Haute Perfumes expanded its reach and attracted potential customers.

The Results

The implementation of the mobile app and strategic marketing efforts led to a significant increase in the customer base. The convenience of the app coupled with exclusive discounts attracted new customers to Haute Perfumerie.

Not only did the number of customers grow, but the average spend per customer also increased. Timely notifications about promotions and discounts encouraged customers to make purchases, resulting in higher sales revenue.

By offering exclusive discounts and personalized experiences through the mobile app, Haute Haute Perfumerie fostered a sense of loyalty among its customers. Long-term coupons and targeted notifications incentivized repeat purchases, strengthening customer relationships.

With the help of BeyondCart platform, Haute Perfumerie developed a user-friendly mobile app, offering seamless browsing and personalized experiences to customers. We facilitated the creation of a robust e-commerce infrastructure, enabling Haute Perfumerie to implement exclusive discounts and targeted notifications efficiently. This collaboration empowered Haute Perfumerie to elevate their customer experience, drive sales, and establish a strong foothold in the competitive niche cosmetics market.


Haute Perfumes successfully utilized the BeyondCart platform to develop a mobile app that became instrumental in driving sales and fostering customer loyalty. Through a strategic blend of exclusive discounts, targeted notifications, influencer marketing, and social media promotion, Haute Perfumes positioned itself as a premier destination for niche cosmetics. By continuously innovating and adapting its marketing strategies, Haute Perfumes solidified its presence in the competitive beauty industry and achieved sustainable growth.