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Fashion & Apparel

​​How Adeptt drives revenue & guarantees repeat purchases


Fashion & Apparel

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About the Brand

ADEPTT was born in 2014 with the mission to bring outstanding value between designer pieces at affordable prices. The brand creates fashion for those who are not afraid to express themselves through striking, unique styles. Those ready to make the big changes. Each product coming out reflects the hard work put into it.

The Challenge

Adeptt was looking for a new innovative way to engage better with its audience and convert more website visitors into customers. A mobile app that ​​drives revenue, guarantees repeat purchases, high customer lifetime values and higher-order values was the solution to their problem.

BeyondCart helped Adeptt build a truly stunning app. Unlimited customizable elements and a user-friendly dashboard enabled the company to make further changes to the app quickly and easily, without any help from developers. However, we had a team assigned to ensure a successful app commerce journey, starting from getting app installs, engaging customers through the app, enticing them to return to the app, as well as turning them into regular customers. These factors made quite a difference to Adeptt and helped them almost double total sales in just three months after the launch of the mobile application.

The Revenue

The truth is that with a mobile app, Adeptt has new direct messaging access to its audience, so the brand doesn’t have to rely on high-bid ads or algorithms to re-engage existing shoppers. With the power of BeyondCart’s in-app features, Adeptt reaches the right audience, at the right time, with the right massage for free. This way Adeptt provides more value to the brands’ community and turns more visitors into paying customers.


of the revenue comes from the mobile app

Push Notifications

With exclusive offers and in-app discounts, Adeptt encourages shoppers to use the mobile application. They use super-targeted push notifications and they are one of the strongest driving factors for such a high percentage of revenue coming from the app. With cost-free push notifications, Adeptt can now instantly notify its audience with branded messages which results in increasing the sales and the overall revenue of the company.

Mobile App Power

Available to iOS and Android users, the app is designed to convert more! It looks clean, has a sophisticated aesthetic, and is a delight to use.

Adeptt Mobile Application helps users to look at lots of items quickly and save their favorite items to a wish list. This application is designed to make it easier for shoppers to buy various types of fashion clothing and accessories and pay directly to the application from the palm of a hand.

Successful Results

The app has proven to be profitable to Adeptt from the very beginning and has been consistently performing well, displaying a pattern of sustained growth. Now, with BeyondCart, the brand offers a high-converting mobile experience and differentiates itself as a modern and highly accessible company. Having a mobile app has allowed the brand to park a spot on their top customers’ screens and offer a great mobile shopping experience. The result: Adeptt amplified its online reach significantly.