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Transforming CLLC Cosmetics: App and Campaign Innovation


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CLLC, a prestigious brand renowned for its premium white cosmetics, embarked on a transformative journey in 2018 with the launch of its maiden product, initially conceptualized as a professional SPA line. Over the course of five years, CLLC evolved to become a champion of empowering women to embrace their skin’s beauty using top-tier products. This case study explores how CLLC partnered with BeyondCart to develop a mobile application and execute a strategic campaign, resulting in significant brand visibility, user engagement, and a remarkable surge in sales.


With a vision to expand its reach and enhance customer experience, CLLC aimed to create a mobile application that would provide easy access to its exquisite product range. The project was not without its challenges, including a tight timeline of two weeks for application development, coinciding with the demanding latter half of July.


We, as a player in digital transformation, took on the challenge. They swiftly and efficiently developed the CLLC mobile application, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. The application seamlessly integrated the entire product line, making it convenient for users to explore, select, and purchase premium cosmetics.

Campaign Strategy

To introduce the application and invigorate brand awareness, a comprehensive campaign was formulated. The strategy encompassed two primary objectives:

Brand and Application Popularization: By utilizing banners on CLLC’s website and collaborating with influential figures in the cosmetics industry, the campaign aimed to spotlight both the brand and its application, enhancing their overall visibility.
Boosting Summer Product Sales: To

capitalize on the seasonal demand, the campaign aimed to drive a substantial portion of remaining summer products, utilizing the new application.

Campaign Execution and Success

The campaign’s execution demonstrated exceptional results:

  • On its launch day, the application garnered over 300 downloads, reflecting a robust initial user engagement.
  • The strategic utilization of banners and influencer partnerships amplified brand visibility, garnering attention from a broader audience.
  • The concerted effort led to a remarkable 50% surge in sales during the first month of the campaign, indicating a tangible impact on revenue.


Multiple push notifications were tactfully dispatched, highlighting a special offer exclusive to the application. This personalized approach effectively maintained user engagement and reinforced the value proposition of the mobile application. Following the campaign’s successful conclusion, CLLC continued to leverage push notifications for subsequent promotions and campaigns, attaining sustained user interest and involvement.

BeyondCart’s Contribution

The collaboration with us proved pivotal in the campaign’s triumph. Our designers contribute their expertise, crafting an application design that harmonizes functionality and aesthetics, elevating user experience. Their proficiency in campaign execution and push notification dispatch played an essential role in achieving successful outcomes.


The CLLC brand, with its commitment to innovation and excellence, harnessed the power of digital transformation and strategic campaigning to reinvigorate its presence.

We created a user-friendly mobile application and helped in the execution of a well-crafted campaign, resulting in increased brand visibility, user engagement, and substantial sales growth. This case study exemplifies the potential of marrying technological innovation with strategic marketing to achieve remarkable business outcomes.