Air Fresheners brand

How Air Spice drives more revenue through the mobile app?

About the Brand

Air Spice is a boutique brand that creates excellent fragrances from high-quality perfume essences. They offer a wide range of unique products like home sprays with designer packaging and diffusers with sticks that can also serve as an additional decoration for your interior, perfumes, and car fresheners. Air Spice brings a classic diversity of unique scents.

What makes Air Spice special?

Air Spice is a brand that offers unmatched levels of quality. They create a classic diversity of scents. The brand provides exclusive, at the same time affordable, and long-lasting fragrances. The mobile app is powered by BeyondCart!

Air Spice Mobile App

Air Spice Mobile App provides the brand with a cost-effective way to increase mobile conversions and improve customer engagement. With the power of push notifications, deeper analytics, and robust technology, BeyondCart built a solution that drives an omnichannel experience. The mobile app is available to iOS and Android users.

Adapting to AppCommerce

The mobile app is a great channel to ease the path of conversions. At the same time, Adapting to AppCommerce is driving customer loyalty. Integrating a mobile app within Air Spice’s marketing mix helped them acquire new clients and increase total sales. The goal was not only to build a mobile app that supports the brand but to enhance the omnichannel experience.  

Download the app

You can check out the mobile apps here and find out about the wide range of Air Spice scent options and accessories!

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