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About the Brand

Elena is the heart of Elena Art Nails. The talented owner founded the brand for nail polish products and cosmetics back in 2010. In the beginning, she started as a professional manicurist and because of her talent and passion for beauty, Elena successfully transform the small studio into a successful fast growing business. Today the brand is very popular among professionals and enthusiasts. Elena Art Nails brings to the Bulgarian market a wide assortment of unique and quality products.

Why a beauty salon business must have a mobile app?

Elena Art Nails is not just a beauty salon business. The brand provides products to a wide audience of enthusiasts and professionals. Having a proper communication channel set in place is a must for such a business.  Besides that, improving the online presence and introducing new trends and products to the audience can be easily achieved with the power of a mobile app.   Powered by BeyondCart!

Elena Nails Art Mobile App

Elena Nails Art Mobile App represents the brand in the digital world. It helps the company to gain new customers, introduce loyalty programs, and to promote top-quality services and products. The main benefits include instant page loading and a one-click checkout process. The mobile app helps Elena Nails Art to access the audience directly, and the company doesn’t need to rely on paid ads or algorithms.

Elevated User Experience

Elena Nails Art Mobile App is designed to influence the end-users mood and capture the attention of the visitors. It is developed with the user journey in mind. The harmonized appearance showcases the website’s content and creates a consistent layout that suits Elena’s brand. 

Now customers can easily create personal accounts and enjoy exclusive discounts, receive information about new arrivals, trends, and promotions, and manage all purchases and orders.

Turning the WooCommerce website into an Android and iOS app was a successful step in Elena’s business plan, and now the brand offers an unmatched experience that brings ROI.

The results are impressive!

During the first 24h, the mobile app was installed more than 2000 times. BeyondCart empowers Elena Art Nails with a tool that offers deeper analytics and robust technology, including unlimited push notifications. The mobile app adds extensive value when it comes to tracking user behavior and re-engaging customers with targeted in-app promotions and discounts.


App Installs in 24h


Increase in the AOV


Orders from the app in 24h

Download the app

Download Elena Art Nails App today! Create a personal account and benefit from the exclusive discounts. Enjoy the rock-solid mobile app user experience Elena Art Nails provides. The mobile app is built for iOS & Android devices.

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