How Kensol tripled sales in 3 months with BeyondCart.

About the Brand

While most clothing brands focus on mass-producing their products, Kensol paves a path of its own by creating comfortable and elegant patterns in limited series, made of high-quality materials. The company has been on the market since 1991 and it has a proven relationship with its audience. However, since customer expectations are evolving Kensol decided to personalize the shopping journey.

Launching a mobile app was the next logical step

Launching the Kensol App was supported by a successful app promotion strategy. By leveraging discounts and influencer marketing Kensol app generated a 155% increase in mobile app downloads in the second month

With BeyondCart, Kensol has been able to reach its audience and customers at the right place and time through a brand new marketing channel..

Push Notifications to Push Sales

The brand has launched push notification campaigns and used different triggers to attract the audience based on historical data and user behavior.

Segmentation was an important part of the process when building different content strategies for different types of users.  

Today, Kensol App converts 50% more sales than mobile web and desktop combined. These results prove that the brand has successfully adopted this new powerful marketing channel by implementing a strategy that brings skyrocketing results.


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Most valuable Mobile App Features:

Intuitive Shopping

Create a personal account and enjoy exclusive discounts

Real-Time Notifications

Receive information about new arrivals, trends, and promotions

Personalized Experience

Manage all your purchases and orders

Fast & Secure Checkout

Modify and save your personal and payment details


more sales from the Mobile App


better conversion rate


increase in App installs

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