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We convert your online store into an intuitive mobile app, enriching your customer's shopping experience. From push notifications to gamification elements, Beyondcart equips your cannabis online store into a with powerful app to increase customer retention and user satisfaction.

Benefits for Cannabis eCommerce Stores

Increased Customer Engagement

A mobile app provides a seamless and convenient shopping experience for customers, resulting in increased engagement and retention. With personalized push notifications, loyalty programs, and in-app promotions, a mobile app can help you foster long-term relationships with your customers, encouraging repeat business and improving customer lifetime value.

Overcoming Advertising Restrictions

Traditional advertising channels like Google and Facebook have strict limitations on cannabis-related ads, making it difficult for cannabis store owners to reach their target audience. By having a mobile app, you can bypass these restrictions and directly communicate with your customers through targeted push notifications.

Stand Out from Competitors

In the competitive cannabis eCommerce market, having a mobile app can set your store apart from the competition. By providing a user-friendly and visually appealing mobile platform, you can strengthen your brand identity and position your cannabis store as a market leader.


Shopping App Features for a Seamless User Experience

Offer users an ultimate experience that help them find easily what they want wherever they are.

Instant Page Loading

Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they can quickly access and view products without any delay or frustration


Accelerated Checkout

Offer prefilled customer payment and shipping information for completing orders as a flash


Payments with mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay)

Allow customers to complete purchases with just a few taps, without having to enter their payment or shipping information manually


App-only offers

App-only offers can drive downloads of the mobile app and increase customer engagement


In-App messages

Promote sales or discounts, inform customers about new products or features, or remind them of abandoned carts

Shopping App Features that will help you build community for a lifetime


By integratiing game-like elements such as fortune wheel into the shopping experience, you can increase user engagement, boost revenue and encourage repeat purchases.

Loyalty Program

By offering rewards and incentives to customers who make repeat purchases, a loyalty program can encourage customer retention, increase customer spending, and build brand loyalty.


With a simple tap, customers can keep track of their accessories, and edibles, ensuring they never miss out on the items they crave. The Wishlist feature not only elevates the shopping experience but also helps you understand customer preferences, enabling targeted promotions and tailored recommendations that drive sales and customer satisfaction.


Еnable your customers to sign up for recurring deliveries of their favorite cannabis products, ensuring they never run out of their essentials. 
By offering a hassle-free subscription service, you can boost customer loyalty, increase retention, and provide a convenient shopping experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Beyond Cart is super easy to integrate with your online store

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We handle the app submission and publishing process, so there is nothing new to figure out

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After your app becomes available in the app stores we will support you to ensure the success of your project!

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