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Apr 18, 2024

Winning case! Spinning Lucky Wheel is the easiest way to engage and sell online today

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You are looking day and night for ways to increase the ROAS of your online store. Mixing all kinds of Meta Advantage+ campaigns, catchy creatives, TikTok videos, Insta reels, generous promo codes, and automated emails. But this cocktail does not taste as good as it sounds, right?

Yes, been there, done that. And here is a tip.

When in doubt, when it gets hard – remember, go back to (marketing) basics!

Here is our list of how every marketing channel should work for YOU and what not to mix these days. Because every channel has its active audience, and people are different. You need to engage them all, but there might be one common way to do so…

Mobile is the King.

Your biggest asset in marketing is your mobile-first commerce – to inform and to sell. Check if your online store works fast and smoothly on mobile, and if it is well-organized, readable, and easy to navigate – check out description boxes, add-to-cart buttons, add-to-wish list buttons, cart page, and checkout page.

Do they all look like you would want them to look and feel if you were the customer of your own store? If you need to make it better, don’t waste resources, at this point – just invest in a mobile app. It sounds heavy but it is not. There is a fast and affordable way to turn your store into a mobile app this month. Check p.3

Advantage+ – the savior of Meta advertising.

Meta is using AI for “hands-free” advertising management. That means you no longer have to do manual settings for your sales campaigns and wonder where your audience is. Advantage+ Shopping actually works perfectly for brands with previous data in the Meta Pixel. We don’t recommend it for startups, though. Depending on your industry, Facebook advertising is still in the top 3 marketing channels, with ROAS from min 4x to 40x.

However, you should mix it with some good manual organic efforts on Instagram (regular stories with links), with some weekly email campaigns (not spam), and most of all – engage people with GAMIFICATION tricks. Otherwise, you lose money every time Meta changes everything you used to know about it.

By the way, you will notice that when starting a Sales – Advantage+ campaign, at ad level, Meta suggests that your traffic could go directly to a mobile app, per default. Just saying. It is common. It might be your time to turn your store into an Android/iOS app for better sales. Ask us – we can evaluate your mobile store for free and advise you on when you should turn it into a mobile app.

Mobile apps and gamifications – let your customers play on the go.

We developed Beyond Cart as an alternative marketing and commerce channel for retailers – turning your store into a mobile app in a second. No coding, no waiting, no extra costs. And with a friendly personal approach to your customers. You can test it today for free. Having this app means a smooth mobile shopping experience, detailed analysis, and better marketing campaigns – really well-targeted.

So, Beyond Cart is a 2-in-1 solution for many ecommerce goals. But how to get people to use it?

We will share here the simplest way among all possible tactics at Beyond Cart. Our team launched an engaging Fortune Wheel game 🎑 within the mobile app of one of our clients right before a major sales campaign.

Here’s the recap on their promotional strategy for the gamification campaign:

πŸ“± A morning push notification to wake up the buzz
πŸ“’ An eye-catching social media post to capture attention
πŸ“§ And an enticing email to promote the deal

Now, let’s talk numbers – and these are just from the first 3 days:

🎰 Over 11 000+ engaged participants tested their luck
πŸ›οΈ 500+ orders rolled in solely from game players
πŸ“² A whopping 2000 new app installs
πŸ”” Plus, an additional 500 users turned on their push notifications (otherwise you can’t participate in the game) And here’s a thought: If this is the excitement we see in a few days, imagine the roar of success after a full week!

Great results from Beyond Cart Lucky Spinning Wheel

This is the power of innovative customer engagement through mobile apps. We’re not just fueling transactions but we’re crafting experiences that resonate with users and ensure they keep returning for more.

🌟And remember, gamification isn’t just fun and games. It’s a strategic move to grow your user base πŸ“ˆ – a base that you literally own and engage with over the long haul. Do it now before your next sales/promotional campaign.

Winning! –

Email campaigns and automation

Hats down for what mailing can bring to your overall profits. Definitely mix it up with your Meta sales campaigns. No doubt, this is the must-have channel for every retailer. No, not as spam.
It is your standard way to try and reach every single customer you have, to recover abandoned carts, and to upsell – with smart automation. Meta can’t do this in a personal way, and it is more expensive. So send emails every week as a backup for your Meta campaign, with very important information and awesome offers. You can easily get 2x higher sales the day you send it.

However, most emails end up in spam, social, and promotional folders to get completely ignored. On the other hand, push notifications in a mobile app are delivered straight to your device’s notification tray.

Emails have an open rate of 10% on average as opposed to an average open rate of 30% for push notifications. So if you have a 30% open rate in emails, you can have a higher than 50% open rate of push notifications.

Sales are always higher with mobile-first marketing so an app is now a very safe choice. Push notifications get instant reactions whereas emails usually get reactions with a delay of 7+ hours. Push notifications are delivered straight to the notification tray of your device. You can use them for blitz promotions/sales to boost your daily revenue with 1 click.

Google Ads – your pull strategy

Every retailer should try out, and invest some effort in SEO and Google Ads. First, SEO check then Ads. πŸ™‚ If you are an experienced retailer, you already know when Google works well for you. This is where someone is searching for your type of product and your brand must show up and pull, pull.

And this is great – but in order for your ad to have high ROAS, your store needs to be mobile-first designed! So we are going back to basics here, right? Google dictates what will happen with our stores today and in the future. And here is what Google Marketing Strategies say, literally:

β€œApps not only help you retain your most valuable customers β€” critical during an uncertain economy β€” they can also be instrumental to building a durable foundation of consented first-party data. As the advertising industry moves away from third-party cookies and other identifiers, a robust first-party data strategy is increasingly important to compete and win.”

So, you are ready to discuss with us that fast-engaging Fortune Wheel game and some push notification tactics for your upcoming campaign?

Book a demo in the world of Beyond Cart – you will see that it only takes a while to turn your store into a mobile app and to start pushing in-app messages and gifts to your existing customers and beyond. Easy-peasy.

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