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Feb 15, 2023

How to Drive More Sales from Your Mobile App

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The digital transformation of business presents entrepreneurs with numerous opportunities to stand out in their field and bring their business to the next level every day.

Building a website for your business is considered the foundation of its online presence but is simply not enough to stand out among competitors. Building your own mobile app though helps not only increase brand awareness but gives you an extra direct marketing channel through which you could utilize many new features to increase your Business Revenue.

How to increase app revenue?

Let’s first look at the ways you could increase your business revenue by increasing the app revenue. Here are a few ways that will help you increase your sales:

Set up a Loyalty Program

Use this effective marketing strategy to keep your customers buying from you on repeat. To encourage them to do that you may offer in-app discounts, gift cards, or loyalty points. That way, you will improve customer engagement and consequently customer retention.

Know your numbers [Data Insights]

Having mobile apps for iOS and Android will help you better understand users’ behavior. The data gathered through mobile app analytics will help you track your customers’ transactions and browsing history. Knowing the numbers and the intensity of the orders will help you send retargeting campaigns at the right time with the right message that will help you generate more sales. Knowing valuable insights such as users’ behaviors, interests, wishes, and likes can lead to personalization, which is key to influencing consumers’ likelihood of deciding to spend money or not. You can use the collected data and launch campaigns to deliver just-in-time offers, relevant to your customer’s needs, location, and interests. Having access to this information will enable you to make better decisions about your product and marketing optimization. Learn more on Turning online store data into profitable action. These data insights will serve as a huge business advantage.

Powerful Push Notification Strategy

When you want to generate revenue, sending a message to users through push notification is a great way to drive sales. You can simply promote your products, or you can tell users about a special offer, deal, discount, or event. A great option is to send a “What you’ve left in your shopping cart” reminder to encourage indecisive customers to finish the order they’ve started. The key is that your app adds a new promotional channel to your marketing arsenal.

Revenue from Subscriptions

If possible, offer subscription options to users. Subscriptions can give users multiple options that encourage them to buy from you. For example, you might have three different plans that users can choose from, with a lower tier, middle tier, and upper tier, with each succeeding tier offering additional services. Users can then select the tier that’s right for them based on the products they want and their budget.

Non-direct mobile app profit

Having a mobile app for your business will highly increase the possibility of consumers making purchases on the go, which will automatically boost your sales. Keep in mind that it is extremely important to define your target audience and explore it very well.
When it comes to non-direct mobile app profit you can include multiple techniques such as a social media campaign and presentation of the app through press releases. Another way to boost revenue is by soliciting newsletter signups through your app. By getting users fully integrated with your business, you can meet them wherever they are with information and special offers. To make money from your mobile app, you need to determine which method or set of methods will be best suited. The important thing is to make the most of the functionalities it will offer.

These are just some of the direct ways to gain profit from your mobile app but it also reveals a whole new field of marketing strategy and tools which lead to the non-direct increase of your business revenue.


Now that you know more about how revenue is generated from mobile apps, you can begin implementing these and other strategies to get the most from your app. And if you haven’t invested in building a mobile app and count only on your online eCommerce store, we have good news for you. Contact us for more information. It is software that will create a mobile app from your WooCommerce online store in a fast, easy and affordable manner.

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