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How Elena Art Nails increased sales with a mobile app


Beauty & Cosmetics


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About the brand

Elena is the heart of Elena Art Nails. The talented owner founded the brand for nail polish products and cosmetics back in 2010. In the beginning, she started as a professional manicurist and because of her talent and passion for beauty, Elena successfully transform the small studio into a successful fast growing business. Today the brand is very popular among professionals and enthusiasts. Elena Art Nails brings to the Bulgarian market a wide assortment of unique and quality products.


Elena Art Nails is not just a beauty salon business. The brand provides products to a wide audience of enthusiasts and professionals. Having a proper communication channel set in place is a must for such a business. Besides that, improving the online presence and introducing new trends and products to the audience can be easily achieved with the power of a mobile app. Powered by BeyondCart!

Elena Nails Art Mobile App

Elena Nails Art Mobile App represents the brand in the digital world. It helps the company to gain new customers, introduce loyalty programs, and to promote top-quality services and products. The main benefits include instant page loading and a one-click checkout process. The mobile app helps Elena Nails Art to access the audience directly, and the company doesn’t need to rely on paid ads or algorithms.

Cutting Down on Advertising Costs

Before the app was launched, the company was paying twice for for Facebook and Google advertising. Push notifications complemented and even replaced some of the advertising efforts by providing a direct and targeted way to reach customers. This resulted in reduced costs for those advertising channels

Segmentation in Push Notifications

Customers who are looking for nail-related merchandise typically have a wide range of options to choose from, which can include nail polish, nail care products, nail art supplies, nail tools, and more. Depending on their specific needs and preferences, customers can choose from a variety of brands, colors, and products to create their desired look.

Segmentation in push notifications provided a significant advantage for such kinds of businesses. By segmenting their audience based on factors such as preferences and purchase history ElenaArt used personalized and relevant notifications which engaged customers and drove conversions.

In addition, segmentation made their customers feel special by showing that ElenaArtNails understands their individual needs and preferences. The company established a more personal connection with their customers and made them feel valued. This factor increased customer loyalty and long-term engagement.


Black Friday campaign

BFCM is THE high-stakes retail event. Promotions are the norm rather than the exception. Elena Art Nails created an excellent Mobile App marketing campaign that generated amazing results and increased customer engagement and total sales. The promotion included discount codes sent through push notifications to the right audience, giveaways, and much more.

Design Flexibility

For businesses selling nail-related merchandise, it is important to offer a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs of their customers. Offering a diverse range of products can help attract a wider audience, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales.

While offering a wide variety of products can lead to complexities in product presentation. By choosing BeyondCart Application ElenaArt finds effective ways to showcase their products in order to increase customer engagement and drive sales.

By choosing different types of layouts, banners, slideshows, and linking them to specific categories or products in the app ElenaArt effectively showcases their offerings and drives customer engagement.

Moreover, having this level of control and customization over the homepage ElenaArt constantly adapts and updates their homepage to keep up with changing customer preferences and market trends, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Elevated UX design

Elena Nails Art Mobile App is designed to influence the end-users mood and capture the attention of the visitors. It is developed with the user journey in mind. The harmonized appearance showcases the website’s content and creates a consistent layout that suits Elena’s brand.
Now customers can easily create personal accounts and enjoy exclusive discounts, receive information about new arrivals, trends, and promotions, and manage all purchases and orders.
Turning the WooCommerce website into an Android and iOS app was a successful step in Elena’s business plan, and now the brand offers an unmatched experience that brings ROI.

Statistics provided by BeyondCart

The statistics provided by BeyondCart offered valuable insights into the behavior and preferences of customers. ElenaArtNails uses this information to optimize the marketing and advertising efforts of the business.

For example, by analyzing the products viewed by customers they get a better understanding of what products are popular and in high demand, allowing them to adjust their inventory and product offerings accordingly.

The time of order and the suitable time for advertising statistics helped the company to determine the best times to send promotions and advertisements to their customers.

Statistics provided by BeyondCart played a crucial role in improving customer engagement and satisfaction, and increasing conversions.

The Results

During the first 24h, the mobile app was installed more than 2000 times. BeyondCart empowers Elena Art Nails with a tool that offers deeper analytics and robust technology, including unlimited push notifications. The mobile app adds extensive value when it comes to tracking user behavior and re-engaging customers with targeted in-app promotions and discounts.


If you are interested in creating a custom app for your beauty business, contact us to get more information. We will guide you through the process and help you launch your app quickly and easily.