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BeyondCart turns your eCommerce to a mobile app while giving you a powerful Customer Engagement Platform that will help you maximize the value of your customers.

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With a superb mobile shopping experience and rich customer behavioral data you can understand and analyze your audience better to provide a personalized and relevant experience, which, in turn, increases conversion, retains existing users, and escalate repeat purchases


People view 4.2x more products per session within apps, compared to mobile sites.

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Get up to 2.3x more conversions with focused audiences and relevant push notifications

A mobile app that increases customer lifetime value

Offer your users personalized shopping that converts.

  • jam-packed with in-app features – such as, one-tap checkout, payments with mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay), livestream shopping, personalized suggestions & recommendations, app-only offers and more
  • effortlessly designed with drag & drop editor – published in days, not months
  • completely synced with your online store for easy management

Data that unlocks a world of possibilities

Know your users better by exploring their in-app behavior, preferences and purchase patterns. Review the details of every session logged.

  • rely on metrics – such as product views, added products to cart, cart abandonment, initiated checkouts, last time order, purchase frequency, time between purchases, average order value, churn rate
  • Beyond Cart collects rich first-party data so you don’t have to worry about GDPR

Re-targeting that keeps customers stick

Identify and divide your audience into specific segments based on historical and real-time user behavior. Use push notifications to reach a targeted, ready-to-react audience.

  • build super-focused audiences based on the behavioral data such as Active or inactive users, Purchasers or non-purchasers
  • send unlimited FREE ultra-relevant push notifications
  • analyse the campaign performance and ultimate it

RocketRecurring Revenue with Superb Mobile Shopping App and Powerful Customer Engagement Platform

Superb Mobile Shopping App

Engage shoppers where they’re most likely to convert - their phone. Offer a personalized shopping experience that keeps customers ready to buy

Engage shoppers where they’re most likely to convert - their phone. Offer a personalized shopping experience that keep customers ready to buy

Customer Engagement Platform

Use our customer engagement platform to ultimate your targeting strategy and drive repeat sales with the power of push notifications

Use our customer relationship management tool to ultimate your targeting strategy and drive repeat sales with the power of push notifications

Is BeyondCart Right for You?

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🎉 Congrats, now you can turn your 
e-store into a mobile app, and have them both!

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Product Lift


  • 1


    Campaign-Ready Home Templates!


    New Feature

    Prepare your app for special events like Black Friday or Easter. You can now schedule design changes for your app’s home screen to match the mood of your campaigns!

  • 12


    All-Around Webtracking for Woo Sites!


    New Feature

    Expand your insights! Along with app data, you can now monitor customer behaviors on your website. Bonus? Use this data to send web push notifications, SMS, and more. Dive in!

  • 16


    Flexibility with WebView Checkout!


    New Feature

    Got a unique checkout style or a specific payment method? Our product now supports WebView checkout for custom WooCommerce themes. Tailor as you see fit!

  • 11


    BeyondCart Plugin Hits WordPress!


    New Feature

    A proud moment for us! Our plugin is now live on WordPress, ensuring top-notch safety and easy updates for our users.

  • 10


    Peek Into Your Campaign's Success!


    New Feature

    Your push notifications just got more transparent. View reactions, stats, and measure the success rate of your outreach campaigns. All in one place!

  • 11


    Integration with Woo Discount Prices!


    New Feature

    Bulk pricing? Category-based discounts? We’ve got you covered. Our integration with the popular Woo Discount Prices plugin makes pricing management a breeze.


  • Oct

    Elevating Loyalty Programs


    New Feature

    Brands with brick-and-mortar outlets will soon witness a game-changer. Our revamped loyalty program will allow users to utilize the app as a personal card, making point accumulation from both physical and online purchases a breeze. Not only can users redeem these points in-app for discounts or direct payment methods, but they’ll also have a transparent history of their points, methods to earn more, and even harness the power of referral programs.

  • Jan


    Personalized User Experiences with Triggers & Actions


    New Feature

    An upcoming feature that promises to redefine customer engagement: Triggers & Actions. Imagine the power to send tailored push notifications based on specific user milestones or events. Whether it’s celebrating a user’s accumulated purchases or sending them a special birthday wish, the possibilities are truly boundless.

  • Oct

    Embracing the Shopify Ecosystem


    New Feature

    One of our most anticipated milestones is the expansion of BeyondCart to integrate seamlessly with Shopify. This not only diversifies our market reach beyond WooCommerce but also heralds a new era of possibilities for our clients. As we fine-tune our backend and app to be in perfect alignment with Shopify’s ecosystem, we’re thrilled to have a lineup of clients eagerly awaiting this evolution. Moreover, this shift will be accompanied by a significant refactoring of our native application code, ensuring an even more robust and scalable solution for all.

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Fashion & Apparel

Beauty & Cosmetics

Food & Beverage

Health & Wellness

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