Redefine Personalization. Unleash the Power of User Segmentation

The Beyondcart User Segmentation Tool empowers you to understand and segment your users based on real-time activities in your app. Explore, engage, and elevate with a data-driven approach to marketing.


Capture Every Interaction with Real-Time Activity Tracking

Unearth the rich treasure trove of user behavior. Track every activity in your mobile app, from category browsing to product viewing, and cart adds. Observe how a user interacts with various items, and gain insights into their preferences and purchasing behaviour.”


Create Tailored Segments with Dynamic User Segmentation

Transform raw data into actionable insights. Utilize our dynamic user segmentation to categorize users who exhibit similar behaviors, like those viewing the same product repeatedly but not purchasing. Create user groups based on these unique interactions for a more targeted marketing approach.


Engage Users Effectively with Personalized Push Notifications

Turn insights into action. Leverage these tailored segments to deliver personalized push notifications that speak directly to user interests. Re-engage those who showed interest in a product but did not make a purchase, and nudge them towards conversion.