Empower Your Outreach. Push Notifications Center

Dive into the revolution of personalized communication with Beyondcart's Push Notifications Center. Deliver compelling messages directly to your iOS and Android users' devices, monitor the impact in real time, and leverage these insights for advanced retargeting strategies.


Deliver Personalized Push Notifications to iOS and Android

Create a direct line of communication with your customers. With our Push Notifications Center, send customized messages straight to your users' iOS and Android devices. Engage your audience with relevant content, offers, and updates, right at their fingertips.


Unlock Insights: Real-Time Statistics at Your Disposal

Experience the power of data. Monitor your push notifications' performance with our real-time statistics, including delivery success, conversion rates, and reasons for failure. Track user actions post-notification, from product views to cart additions and checkouts, and quantify the impact on direct and indirect orders.


Retarget Like a Pro: Export Data for Advanced Marketing Strategies

Turn your insights into action. After sending push notifications, export your data in .csv format for easy integration with other marketing tools. Enhance your retargeting strategies with SMS marketing, Facebook Ads, or email campaigns. Leverage the power of your data to re-engage users and boost conversions.