Unlock Success with Customer Insights and Push Notification Metrics


Customer Snapshot Cards

Elevate your business strategy with Beyondcart's Customer Cards, offering in-depth insights into individual customer profiles. Utilize key data on contact information, buying habits, app usage, and order history to create personalized marketing campaigns, strengthen customer connections, and drive customer loyalty. Experience the competitive edge that comprehensive customer analytics provides.


Activity Tracker

Optimize your customer experience with Beyondcart's Activity Tracker, deeply monitoring user interactions at every touchpoint. Gain valuable insights into browsing habits, product exploration, cart actions, checkouts, orders, and push notification engagement. Enhance your marketing strategy and boost conversions by understanding and adapting to your customers' unique behaviors and preferences.
Craft highly targeted segments based on the activity, such as "Users who have viewed 'Black T-shirt size L' in the last month," and re-engage them with personalized push notifications.


Insighful Comparison

Make data-driven decisions with Beyondcart's mobile app and website analytics. Monitor and compare your orders count, revenue, and average order value between the two channels to understand customer behavior and optimize marketing strategies. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how customers engage with your brand across platforms and tailor your efforts accordingly to drive growth and increase revenue.

Push Notifications

Push Notification Snapshot Card

Uncover the true value of your push notifications by tracking user actions, such as product views, cart additions, and initiated checkouts. Visualize the direct and indirect orders generated by your campaigns, and witness the tangible impact they have on your bottom line.

Real-Time Push Notification Interaction Tracking

Unlock the secrets of customer behavior with Real-Time Push Notification Interaction Tracking. Witness the power of data as you gain instant insights into the actions of your users after they’ve clicked on a push notification. From product views to cart additions and checkout initiations, unravel the true impact of your messaging on customer engagement.
Harness these real-time insights to optimize your marketing strategies, creating more captivating and relevant push notifications that resonate with your audience.