Elevate Engagement through Gamification

Step into an immersive realm of customer engagement with Beyondcart's Gamification Experience. Our Lucky Spinning Wheel is not just a game; it's a powerful engagement tool that delivers results. Experience a 30% conversion rate, a 23% retention rate, and a 30% prize redemption rate. But these aren't just numbers - they're evidence of how gamification can transform your user engagement strategy


Spin to Win: Beyondcart's Lucky Spinning Wheel

Entertain your users while boosting your sales with our Lucky Spinning Wheel. Customize the wheel with up to 12 sectors, each representing a unique prize. Offer a thrilling experience that not only captivates your users but also encourages them to explore and purchase more.


Backend Prize Configuration and Probabilities

Take control of the fun with our intuitive backend. Set the probabilities for each prize on the wheel, optimizing the balance between customer excitement and business profitability. Enjoy full control over your user's gaming experience, aligning it with your marketing goals.


Seamless Rewards:
E-commerce Store Integration for Prize Redemption

Turn insights into action. Leverage these tailored segments to deliver personalized push notifications that speak directly to user interests. Re-engage those who showed interest in a product but did not make a purchase, and nudge them towards conversion.


Game-Changing Results: Our Gamification Statistics Speak for Themselves

Here's a look at how our gamification feature is already making a significant impact in one of the apps.


Vibrant User Participation

We kick-started the gaming journey with a blast. Within just four days of launch, our Lucky Spinning Wheel attracted over 4000 participants. This enthusiasm continues to echo with every new user we gain.


Impressive Conversion Rate:

Our spinning wheel isn't just fun to play - it's a powerful driver of business results. With a conversion rate of 30%, we're turning players into purchasers, all while they enjoy the gaming experience.


Strong Retention Rate

Keeping users coming back to your app is a challenge. Our Lucky Spinning Wheel has proven its worth as an effective tool for enhancing user retention, boasting a robust 23% retention rate.


Effective Prize Redemption

Winning is just the first step. With a 30% prize redemption rate, we ensure that users not only enjoy their wins but also make the most of them, promoting continued engagement.


Consistent Daily Interactions

Users are not just playing once and forgetting about it. The data reveals that, on average, a user interacts with the wheel for five consecutive days, highlighting the game's addictive nature and its potential to keep users hooked to your app.

Harness the power of gamification to elevate your customer engagement strategy with Beyondcart. Join the gaming revolution today!

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