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Genezis Sports Brand – Launch and Success of Mobile Application


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Genezis is a prominent Bulgarian brand specializing in sports and fitness apparel. Founded in 2019 by Radostin Kuzmanov, the brand’s core mission is to empower athletes worldwide to realize their true potential and inspire others to adopt a more active lifestyle by fostering the belief that anyone can be an athlete. In pursuit of this mission, the brand established an online presence across Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania, offering sports goods and accessories for both men and women. This case study highlights the successful launch of their mobile application, developed in collaboration with BeyondCart, and the subsequent outcomes achieved.

Genezis is known for its commitment to high-quality sports and fitness apparel. The brand’s popularity and dedication to empowering individuals in their fitness journey have contributed to its remarkable growth in a relatively short span of time.

The Challenge

Recognizing the potential for enhanced customer engagement and user experience, Genezis sought to launch a mobile application that could seamlessly extend their online store to mobile platforms. The goal was to provide customers with a convenient, user-friendly way to browse and purchase their products, all while celebrating the brand’s 4th anniversary.


We created a mobile application that mirrors the functionality of the existing website. The application was designed to provide a streamlined shopping experience, allowing users to explore the brand’s range of sports apparel and accessories on-the-go.

The mobile application was developed with an emphasis on user experience, accessibility, and flexibility. Our team ensured that the application’s design aligned with the brand’s aesthetics, making it visually appealing and easy to navigate. The application was integrated with the existing product catalog, allowing users to browse, select, and purchase items directly from their mobile devices.

Launch Strategy and Results

The launch of the mobile application was strategically timed to coincide with Genezis brand’s 4th anniversary. To generate excitement, attractive promotions and discounts were offered to users who downloaded and used the application during this period.

The launch of the mobile application exceeded expectations, yielding remarkable results:

  • High Download Rates: On the first day of the launch campaign, the application was downloaded over 1400 times, indicating a strong initial response from users.
  • Record-Breaking Orders: The launch led to a record number of orders placed in a single day, underscoring the effectiveness of the mobile application in driving conversions.
  • 100% Growth in Orders: Over the subsequent two weeks, “Genezis” observed a remarkable 100% increase in the number of orders, a clear indication of sustained interest and engagement.


Push notifications sent to users who downloaded the application led to high user engagement, as indicated by notification statistics.

The triumph of Genezis Brand mobile application launch demonstrated that a brand’s birthday is more than a milestone; it’s an opportunity to innovate and connect. By embracing the digital realm and harnessing the power of a well-executed campaign, the sports brand etched its legacy deeper into the hearts of its audience. This success story serves as a testament to the potential of  how a brand’s birthday can transcend mere celebration to become a catalyst for growth and evolution.

Future Plans

Given the impressive performance of the mobile application in Bulgaria, Genezis Brand is now preparing for the expansion of its application services to Romania and Greece. The success of the application’s launch in Bulgaria has provided a strong foundation for its future international endeavors.


The collaboration between Genezis Wear brand and BeyondCart resulted in the successful launch of a mobile application that significantly enhanced user engagement, increased orders, and further cemented the brand’s commitment to empowering athletes and promoting active lifestyles. The application’s seamless integration with the existing online store and its ability to adapt to user preferences through its flexible design were pivotal in achieving these outcomes. As Genezis prepares to expand its mobile application to new markets, it remains a testament to how strategic digital solutions can drive growth and success in the competitive world of sports apparel retail.