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How eTeriko drive sales through a mobile app


Beauty & Cosmetics

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About the brand

eTeriko is a cosmetic brand that specializes in natural and organic skincare products.

The company offers a wide range of essential oils, personal care products, and supplements. Their products are designed to promote natural wellness and health, and are made with high-quality, pure essential oils and other natural ingredients. Some of their most popular product categories include: essential oils, personal care products, supplements, and diffusers.

The company is famous for using high-quality, innovative, or natural ingredients in its products to differentiate itself and appeal to customers who prioritize these factors.


Eteriko is the newest application that will be launched soon by BeyondCart. A number of client requirements and business specifics were taken into account in the process of planning and integration.

A mobile app for such products as essential oils and personal care products has to provide several benefits to users, including convenience, personalized recommendations, and access to exclusive promotions.

Here are some specific features that Eteriko mobile app includes:

  • catalog of all the essential oils and personal care products offered by eTeriko. Users can browse through the catalog and view product descriptions, ingredients, and pricing.
  • uses data on the user’s past purchases, preferences, and interests to provide personalized recommendations. By this business can suggest new essential oils or personal care products based on the user’s previous purchases.
  • push notifications to users about new product releases, exclusive promotions, and special offers. This will keeps user engaged with the brand and encourage them to make new purchases.

Overall, by providing a seamless and personalized shopping experience, the app can help Eteriko build stronger relationships with their customers and drive growth for the brand.

The mobile app

The mobile app is convenient and easy to use. Shoppers can browse through all of the products, and use different filters and categories to find what they are looking for. It is beneficial not only for the customers but to the business as well!

Through the powerful mobile customer engagement platform, eTeriko will be able to track and analyze users’ behavior and purchase patterns. Then, the specialist can segment the audience based on a variety of filters and send targeted push notifications campaigns that bring results.

Below are some important features we considered for eTeriko mobile app:

  • a comprehensive catalog of essential oils and personal care products, with detailed information about each product’s ingredients, properties, uses, and safety precautions;
  • searching and filtering so users could easily search and filter products based on their specific needs, such as by ingredient, fragrance, or skin type;
  • shopping cart and checkout, allowing users to easily purchase products directly through the app.


Push Notifications

Push notifications are a powerful tool for a beauty brand to communicate with customers and drive engagement.

eTeriko is planning to prepare an effective strategy that brings results – push notifications which sends users timely, relevant messages about different promotions and discounts, new product releases, personalized recommendations, and specific reminders.

Expected Results:

After launching the app eTeriko expects a significant increase in customer engagement and satisfaction – about 30% growth in the number of mobile sales.