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How Parkmart increased its online sales without additional costs


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About the Brand

ParkMart is a premium supermarket chain in Bulgaria. The brand opened its first physical store back in 2017 and out-passed its competition in no time. The chain offers a wide range of high-quality and premium products based on the needs and desires of modern customers.


User Experience

Grocery shoppers’ demands are higher than ever before and ParkMart wanted to give each customer a unique user experience. They wanted to bring the supermarket into the pockets of the customers in order to save their clients time and money and remove the hassle of carrying weekly goods home from the store.

As shopping migrates online, the next logical step for ParkMart was to inspire its’ customers and improve their overall experience by turning grocery shopping into a pleasurable lifestyle activity.

Customer Satisfaction

ParkMart application is built to offer maximum functionality and ensure customer satisfaction. That’s why the user journey is simple and intuitive. The main bottom navigation bar provides access to the 5 top-level destinations in the mobile app. And since the ParkMart application represents the web store, it includes different categories containing 20000+ products.

The process of discovering these products is supported by filters. They help users perform a more focused search. The product page shows detailed descriptions, and clear call to action buttons including add to cart, and add to favorites. Last but not least, the shopping cart, the optimized checkout, and the payment process enable users to complete an order fast and easily.

Solid Revenue

In the first quarter of 2022, the ParkMart app increased its downloads by 1000% compared to the last quarter of 2021. The reason behind this is the fact that the application has great functionality and delivers a next-level user experience to the shoppers. ParkMart has run a few successful marketing campaigns to encourage users to download and shop for groceries through the application.

ParkMart’s mobile applications for iOS and Android ensure also that the brand has access to its customers at all times and can communicate with them all the promotions, deals and discounts. This is another marketing channel that brings a solid revenue/ROI and it is a perfect way to engage with the key audience on the go.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are pop-up messages sent to increase sales. They are a powerful way to attract the attention of users. Push notifications may include a title, a message, logos, emojis, and other elements.

Parkmart is often sending such campaigns to offer specific deals and promotions. It results in a 4x higher conversion rate!

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