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Fashion & Apparel

How Tochici entered the Mobile App Space with BeyondCart


Fashion & Apparel

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About the Brand

Tochici is a modern brand for fashion-forward children featuring everything from trainers, coats, and T-shirts to rompers, accessories, and more. The company was founded back in 1991.The huge diversity in their products lets you select from any pattern and colour. The brand comes among the top kids’ clothing brands in Bulgaria. Discover the full collection at

From WooCommerce Store to Mobile App

Convenience! Everyone nowadays prefers to shop online. By creating a virtual world where users may purchase their favorite items using the app, Tochici raised brand awareness and sales. Besides having a network of physical shops, the brand decided to go deeper with this new digital marketing channel. They took this step forward to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

Smart Move

Launching the new mobile app allowed the brand to reach its audience at the right time with the right message. The results were amazing! Tochici increased the growth in total sales by 40% The powerful mobile application helped Tochici improve tracking and re-targeting customers through individual and specific demographics. It was a smart move because the brand delivered value to the customers. Through personalized push notifications, Tochici offered many discounts and frequent sales.

Tochici Mobile App

Tochici’s mobile app delivers a quality experience with a simple and attractive interface. The customers can find various products and shop with ease through the different categories, sales, and discount offers. A clear description of the products and details about the sizes, fabric, design, etc., are easily readable and helps the shoppers to make the best choice.

The powerful ASO strategy BeyondCart built for Tochici helped them increase the app downloads by 125%. At the moment, Tochici is following an app marketing strategy that generates more and more sales each day. Utilising the power of push notification and hyper-segmentation, the brand can send specific and targeted messages to its customers. That leads to an increase in the total revenue.


increase in growth in total sales